“Stunning, cinematic, beautifully crafted”

 “Ridiculously impressive and mesmerizing, both vocally and instrumentally” 

“Reminiscent of Ellie Goulding instrumentally, but pulls a stunning Tori Amos-esque vocal arrangement”


//  Location:  Los Angeles, CA 

//  Genre:  Retro Dreampop/Synthpop

//  Website:  http://www.Adryelle.com

Adryelle spins a musical web of ethereal beauty and energy that bounces across the boundaries of alt, synthwave and dream pop. Both a songwriter and producer, she follows in the footsteps of female musical revolutionaries like Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, but clearly blazing a trail all her own.

Described as “stunning, cinematic, beautifully crafted” by Planet Stereo Live, Adryelle draws inspiration from electronic roots of the 1980s–pulsating beats, angelic choruses, and thunderous percussion. Dreamy. Trance-like. And utterly gorgeous.

Raised on the moodiness of Nirvana and The Cure, then traversing through the Baltimore Goth scene, Adryelle reset and relocated to California. The bright Los Angeles sun infused her songwriting with a certain brightness, bringing hope to the still-melancholy feel of her melodies.

Adryelle has worked with several non-profits, rehab centers and youth programs. In 2014 she created music for various commercials with “Teen Challenge” which were aired on BET and Home & Family. She has toured extensively throughout the east coast region. She joined the One Big Family tour in San Diego in 2022, headlined by Lovkn, Kelsey Breedlove, Cade Kellam and Leslie Perez. Her collaboration with many artists is extensive and she recently released the single “Still” with Rivers & Robots producer Dan Stirling for his newest album “Friends Like These”. Adryelle announced plans to release a new album this year titled “End of The Summer”. Her goal is to bring healing and hope, inspiration and encouragement to people who may feel like they don’t have a way out of their pain.

Groovy Toe Jams quotes: “Adryelle has the ability to effect all types with her angelic voice. You can feel her heart and soul with every word she sings. Passion is something you own. It must be taught at a different level than Adryelle convey’s it”

Find Adryelle and her live band performing across Southern California. Visit adryelle.com to keep up with her performances and new music.


Directed by Robbie Pena


INQUIRIES: LadyA@adryelle.com