Idea to iTunes (6 week course)





Course: From Idea to iTunes

Goal: to take a student from having an idea, to recording it (on their own) and releasing the song for digital streaming.

Description: 6 week mentorship course, Two 2 hour group sessions per week, 1-1 coaching call every other week, assigned homework is required.


Week 1: Where do ideas come from? How to generate ideas, Make it a habit, Stories

Week 2: The songwriting process, melody, structure, rhythm, harmony, lyrics, emotion

Week 3: Recording & Production Part 1-Equipment, microphone placement, Instrumentation

Week 4: Recording & Production Part 2-Vibe, Production, & Arrangement

Week 5: Mixing & Mastering

Week 6: Copyright, PRO’s, Distribution Companies, Branding, Social Media

Main Objective: To have a finished recorded song by the end of the 6 weeks.

Slots are limited, Adryelle takes only 6 students every 6 weeks. Sign up is currently open!

I offer free consultation calls to see if you are a good fit for the program, if interested, email: